Happy October Break!

DWS 10+ Production Team

DWS 10+ Production Team

There will be no classes at DWS from October 1st to 7th, for China's national holiday. All of the wonderful students at DWS definitely deserve this break: you've all been working so hard in class and have improved so much! However, break is no time to slack off! Here are some things you can do to keep dance in your holiday.

  1. Practice. You don't have to spend hours running routines at home, but it is still important to keep stretching and training in order to maintain your flexibility and strength. Practicing every day will make it easier to come back to dance after the break! Breaks are also a great time to work on choreography or tricks that you struggle with in class.

  2. Watch dance. If you don't feel up to dancing, you can always watch other dancers for inspiration! There are lots of dances posted online that you can watch at any time. Or, you may opt for a live performance. The Russian State Ballet is performing The Nutcracker at the Shanghai Culture Square from October 2nd - 5th.

  3. Choreograph. One great way to gain a better understanding of your own dance style and your body is to try to create your own choreography. Often people think that choreography needs to be deep and artistic, or extremely difficult, but the definition of choreographing is simply to make a sequence of movements! If you're feeling creative this break, creating short combinations to songs that you love is a great way to spend your time!

  4. Or, don't dance at all. Dance is definitely an all-consuming art form. When you really enjoy it, you'll put your whole heart into it. There are definitely times when the last thing you want to think about is dance. You'll feel weird when you dance, like you aren't saying what you want to say with your movements. Or, you'll feel yourself getting tired more quickly than usual - dance becomes draining rather than rewarding. These are signs that you might need to take a step back, and work on other things before coming back to dance. Holidays are the ideal time to take that break, so you'll come back to class feeling refreshed and ready to go!

  5. Most importantly, stay healthy! The weather's getting more chilly, so layer up! You wouldn't want to catch a cold over the break and miss the dance class, would you? :)

Weekly Dance Playlist: Lyrical

  1. To Be Human — Sia / Labrinth

  2. You Don't Know — Katelyn Tarver

  3. The Story Never Ends (Piano Version) — Lauv

  4. Survive — Madilyn Bailey

  5. Ocean Eyes — Billie Eilish

  6. Clouds — Before You Exit

  7. A Drop In The Ocean — Ron Pope