DanceWorks is more than a dance studio.

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Our Mission

DanceWorks Shanghai's mission is to provide the Shanghai international community with the highest quality of dance education, fitness instruction and dance performance opportunities. DanceWorks is dedicated to creating a student-centered environment in which students are encouraged to move and think as artists, drawing on different movement patterns, music, images, lyrics, stories, and emotions.

Here at DanceWorks, we believe that every person, and his or her journey through life, is unique. Dance is a powerful way to express and make sense of our experiences, ideas and emotions which may otherwise be lost if we had to rely on words alone. Dance is more than just the physical movement of one's body; it is also the expression of the soul.

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Find your inner artist

DanceWorks provides dance and fitness training to students of all levels and ages. We strive to foster creativity, cultural appreciation, self-confidence and a healthy lifestyle in every dancer. In our student-centered environment, students are encouraged to explore artistic movement, fine-tune their musicality, and use their emotions to tell a story. DWS cultivates not only the dancer within every student, but also each person's character, individuality, and passion.

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