Eyes Closed

On March 25, 2018, the DanceWorks Shanghai teen production team presented their long-awaited collaboration with artist Soo Hong and author Ruth Stevenson. The piece they performed included choreography by Egor Pleshakov as well as improvisation.

"Eyes Closed" explores the surprisingly controversial act of closing one's eyes. People close their eyes in response to unpleasant moments, which reveals their inability to confront or accept their perceptions of the world. At the same time, by turning one's eyes toward oneself, a person can find peace of mind and ultimately shift their worldview. This juxtaposition of positive and negative opens questions about how our perspective shapes the world that we see, and how we shape our own perspectives.

Performers: Bella, Chloe, Christiana, Daphne, Elaine, Elena, Hannah, Imane, Isabelle, Jasmine, Mindy, Olivia