2019 Annual Summer Recital

Every year, students, teachers, and parents anticipate the annual summer recital. This year, we’ve put together an even more spectacular show of 28 performances and a production.

We will be starting with a ballet showcase, then enjoying our regular class performances (including two solos!), and ending with this year’s production piece entitled “Connection”.

At DWS, we constantly aim to develop and challenge our production team dancers both through physical movement and through their perception of dance as an art form.

Connection depicts some of the complex issues our world is currently facing through the minds and hearts of our production team students.

Children’s appreciation for the natural world begins to develop at a young age. Connection began with a sharing of ideas among the students about what mattered to them. They enacted these issues through movement, working collaboratively to create a contemporary story through dance. The dancers each made their own contributions under teachers’ guidance, giving them ownership over the story.

Let us now take you on a journey of joy, struggle, despair, and hope.

(Thank you to Sarah and Karina for their help in writing this synopsis!)

Watch the stunning performances on May 26th, from 2:30-4:00 PM, at the Dulwich College Mei Lan Fang Theater.