Budding Ballerina Joanna Invited to Kirov Summer Intensive

We’d like to extend our warmest congratulations to Advanced Ballet student Joanna, who has received an invitation to the Kirov Academy of Ballet’s prestigious Summer Intensive Program! Joanna has been dancing with DWS since it was founded, participating in our community as a student, teaching assistant, and production team member. She is a dedicated role model for our younger students.

The Kirov Academy, located in Washington, DC, represents the epitome of world-class ballet training. The first dance school outside of Russia to officially be given the name “Kirov”, it is dedicated to artistic and academic excellence as it prepares students to become the next generation of classically trained ballet dancers.

The Summer Intensive Program is a 6-week, intensive ballet training program in the Vaganova method, which also explores a myriad of other dance styles. Each day consists of up to 6 hours of dance training, and the program culminates in final demonstration classes and a performance to showcase the dancers’ technical and artistic growth.

A clip of Joanna practicing in the studio (VPN is required to view this video in China).