Audience Etiquette

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Every term, our dancers spend hours training and rehearsing in order to put on a show. But at each performance, the audience also plays a big role in ensuring the success of a performance! Audience etiquette is the concept of watching performances in a respectful way. In observing these basic rules, not only will you ensure that our dancers receive the attention they deserve and that other members can better enjoy the performance, but you will also appreciate the performance more yourself!

  1. Refrain from talking during performances. Even whispering to the person beside you will be a distraction to everyone around you - sitting next to people who talk continuously throughout the whole performance really detracts from the experience! In general, try not to make too much noise as you watch a show.

  2. Limit your phone usage. In a dark auditorium, it’s really easy to see when people are using their phones. Try to lower your screen brightness to reduce the distraction both to other audience members as well as dancers onstage. Also be sure to set your devices to silent.

  3. DanceWorks always records each dance and has a hired photographer to take photos of performances, so try not to take flash photos or shoot videos during the performance. This can be especially distracting if, by raising your phone, you block someone else’s view.

  4. Speaking of that, try not to block anyone’s view. Auditorium seating isn’t perfect, but some audience members make it unnecessarily difficult to see the stage when they wear large hats or sitting with poor posture.

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